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10 easy, low-cost solutions for warehouse safety


September 22, 2014
10 easy, low-cost solutions for warehouse safety

In 2012, warehouse and storage workers experienced nearly 12,000 injuries requiring days away from work. More than one in three of these injuries were musculoskeletal disorders, with sprains, strains, and tears the most common by far. If you manage safety in the warehousing industry—or if your company facilities include a warehouse—keep reading for essential safety tips.

Common hazards in warehouses include:

Unsafe use of forklifts,
Improper stacking of products,
Failure to use proper personal protective equipment (PPE),
Failure to follow proper lockout/tagout procedures,
Inadequate fire safety provisions, and
Repetitive motion injuries.

Scott Stone of Cisco-Eagle, a provider of material handling systems, says a safer, more efficient warehouse can improve workplace efficiency and ergonomics as well as compliance. He suggests 10 inexpensive, “quick-hit” ways to ramp up warehouse safety…

For the 10 solutions click the link below:
10 easy, low-cost solutions for warehouse safety

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