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Common Warehouse Hazards: Forklifts & Pallets

Warehouse employees will use forklifts and pallet jacks routinely throughout the day. The common hazards associated with use of this equipment include:
• Obstructed view;
• Speeding;
• Moisture on the working surface (ice, water, oil);
• Blind corners;
• Insufficient lighting;
• Traffic patterns;
• Temporary storage areas inside and outside;
• Lack of proper maintenance and self inspections; and
• Operator’s mind is not on the task at hand.

Controls include:
• Monitoring operators’ speed around blind corners and use of horns when approaching intersections and while backing up when their vision is obstructed;
• Never allowing anyone to ride on any part of the equipment if the equipment isn’t designed for riding the forks, the rear compartment area, or rollover protection;
• Not allowing operators to ride on forks while lifting or trying to retrieve products vertically;
• Receiving proper training and wearing a body harness for fall protection if the operator must ride vertically on a forklift that was designed for this use;
• Marking all high-hazard areas with signage and/or installing convex mirrors to allow pedestrians and operators to see around obstructed corners or intersections; and
• Providing frequent safety talks with your forklift operators and all employees who work around this equipment.

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