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Stay alert on and around forklifts

September 28, 2015 A quick online search will uncover a large number of fatal workplace incident reports involving forklifts. From workers being crushed by these vehicles to others being run over or backed over, incidents involving forklifts can cause injuries and deaths in many ways. According to the 2015 edition of the National Safety Council [...]

Common Warehouse Hazards: Manuel Movement of Products

Even though forklifts, pallet jacks, and other mechanical lifting devices are made available, employees will occasionally be required to manually move product from one location to another. These are common hazards: • Neck and shoulder strains and low back injuries; • Foot and ankle injuries; • Slips and falls; • Injuries caused by being struck [...]

Safe use and storage of chains

When using chains and chain slings on the job, you need to keep a few important things in mind. According to the National Safety Council “Supervisors’ Safety Manual,” chains should never be overloaded. Common causes of chain failure include metal fatigue, bending or deforming the chain links, and fragility due to defects in the metal. [...]

Safety Manual: Material Handling

E. MATERIAL HANDLING The following are general safety rules and requirements regarding material handling and material handling equipment regularly used on campus. 1. LIFTING BY HAND Lifting and carrying can be done without injury by using the following criteria: a. Personal Protection NOTE: Minor office material lifting is exempt from Personal Protection section of “Lifting [...]

Improving Warehouse Safety Areas explored. Part 2

Manual Materials Handling Manual materials handling can easily produce back and hand injuries. In fact, back injuries result in the most-expensive claims within industry. Develop employee awareness regarding pinch points. Hand traps can occur while setting down heavy boxes; working near pulleys in conveyor belts; adjusting lift truck forks; operating walkies; shutting trailer doors; and [...]

When is Your Safety Meeting Not A Safety Meeting?

By Phil La Duke A common leading indicator for safety is involvement in safety meetings, but to risk sounding like Bill Clinton’s infamous “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is” quote what constitutes “involved in safety meetings”? To answer that question we have to define “involved” “safety” and “meetings” (and hell [...]

Seven tips for improving rack safety

Back in June, SESS USA LLC President was interviewed by DC Velocity’s Susan K. Lacefield. The result, the article “Seven tips for improving rack safety” The Article began as follows “While rack collapse may be rare, it is extremely dangerous. Here are some ways to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. It might be [...]

5 Steps to An Efficient & Accident-Free Warehouse

The following speaks in respects to Canadian law requirements, but are also very applicable to the US Warehousing and Material Handling industry. The article shows different but simple ways to ensure an efficient and safe warehouse. 5 Steps to An Efficient & Accident-Free Warehouse February 7, 2014 · by Ten Medina Warehouses, large or small, [...]

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